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Professionally cleaned furniture and carpeting can completely transform the look and feel of any room. On the other side of the coin, a visibly soiled or scarcely cleaned sofa or loveseat or carpet can negatively impact a room’s aesthetic while posing significant health risks to your family, guests and customers. Many never get their furniture or carpets professionally cleaned because they think the process will be too expensive or not worth the trouble. NYC Sofa Cleaning offers the most affordable and highest-quality sofa cleaning in NYC as well as rug and carpet cleaning. Our experienced and qualified professionals are looking forward to serving all your commercial or residential furniture cleaning needs. Call us today at (646) 559-7410. You don’t have to settle for stained or soiled furniture. We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

For Customers of Every Budget

Contrary to what many might believe, professional furniture cleaning is within the grasp of every type of customer. NYC Sofa Cleaning proudly offers a variety of service packages that are perfect for all cleaning needs and budgets. Our three tiers of service offer a full range of sofa cleaning services, including:
  • Economy Package


    (Shampooing, Steam-Extraction Cleaning and Light Stain Removal Services);

  • Basic Cleaning Package


    (Shampooing, Steam-Extraction, Stain Removal and Odor Treatment Services);

  • Luxe Package


    (Basic Package Services + Scotchgard Protection Service)

NYC Sofa Cleaning also offers FREE estimates and a $20 discount for first-time customers. Let us know what we can do for you.

Is Professional Sofa Cleaning Really Necessary?

Although a professionally cleaned sofa does indeed say a lot about your home or business, it’s not simply about vanity and appearance. The reality is that a dirty sofa can often trap a variety of harmful germs and pathogens to which you needlessly run the risk of exposing your guests, customers and even your pets. NYC Sofa Cleaning delivers reliable, top-quality results to give you peace of mind and assurance. Our residential and commercial rug cleaning services are among the best in the area. Whether you’re looking for a reliable company to clean your office building, retail location, your home or your apartment, there’s no reason why you should have to do this yourself. Our services save you time, effort and money.

The Service You Expect and Deserve

When it comes time to get your sofa or rug cleaned, look no further than NYC Sofa Cleaning. We offer a full suite of services that are guaranteed to please and satisfy. Some of the distinguishing features we offer include:
  • A+ Customer Service
  • Reliable, Consistent, and Thorough
  • Super Affordable!
  • We Use Our Own Cleaning Supplies
  • Meticulous Regard for Your Health
  • Care for Your Special Needs
  • Strict Compliance with Federal and Local Laws
  • Screen and Train Every Employee
  • Insured, Bonded and Certified
You don’t have to settle for anything less than the best when getting your furniture cleaned. Call NYC Sofa Cleaning today at (646) 559-7410.
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Our Clients Say About Us

We had an old sofa that was covered by a slip cover for years. One day I took a fresh look at it and realized that if someone could get it clean it would be worth saving. Beneath the dirt and stains it was a pretty, vintage piece with ivory tufted brocade and of very good quality. I called NYC Sofa Cleaning and guys came the next day and said that it could be returned to like new. It was not that expensive either. After the job was done I felt like we just went out and bought a new sofa. We are very satisfied. We are having them back for a rug cleaning next week.

Dorothy Patton

I hired NY Sofa Cleaning to clean all our waiting room furniture. The upholstery came out looking like brand new and smelling as fresh as a spring day. Everyone who came the following day remarked about how good the room looked and smelled. Some thought we bought new furniture. I am very pleased by the work done by NYC Sofa Cleaning on our old stuffed chairs.

Garland J. Wolf

As a vintage furniture dealer in NYC I need upholstered furniture cleaned regularly. If it does not come clean it must be reupholstered which is very costly. I rely on NYC Sofa Cleaning for all my upholstery cleaning. No matter how soiled or dingy the piece is NYC Sofa Cleaning always seems to get it looking like new again. I have been using their service for years and I am very satisfied.

Anthony N. Marks